Essex Silver Line Sander

The Silver РLine SL-8 is the leader  in rental sander for one reason, it works!!!! The SL-8 is the one machine on the market that will enable the DIYer to achieve the professional results the first time they sand a floor.

The SL-8 Features a 0.75kW local (1HP) constant speed motor, soft motor, soft rubber drum and unique cam locking system. When combined they work like a professional sander. The sand paper is held between 2 spring loaded cams while the slow 1800 RPM constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors. The tilt action of the SL-8 also allows for a more controlled and even sanding. The weight of the machine is specially designed and evenly distributed for best results. As with all Silver- Line equipment and parts, the SL-8 is hand build, tested and manufactured in the USA to assure quality and dependability and low maintenance.

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